1960’s Vintage Racing Timekeeper’s Clipboard With Three Heuer Stopwatches

This is an authentic clipboard from the 1960s designed for overseeing both individual lap times and the overall count of completed laps. Featuring a small lever on the right-hand side, it facilitates the simultaneous initiation and cessation of all three stopwatches, alongside a lap counter.

In an era predating the necessity of automated digital timekeeping devices, tools like this were indispensable. Employed during qualifying rounds, races, and car development sessions, they played a crucial role in meticulously monitoring and recording improvements.

The clipboard is equipped with a perspex back and a chromed steel clip designed to secure lap time sheets. Operators would diligently fill in the details for each completed lap, facilitating subsequent analysis. Additionally, it now comes with a set of laminated instructions to assist newcomers in familiarizing themselves with its operation.

Interesting Fact “Heuer’s introduced its first dashboard timers in the mid 1930s”

Manufacturer: Heuer

Dial Colour: White

Collection: Stopwatch

Style: Clip Board Mounted Stopwatch

Case Material: Black Perspex Board/ Chrome Plate Stopwatch Cases

Case Diameter (mm): 53mm Stopwatches 3x  29cm X 44cm

Glass: Plexi

Movement: Mechanical

Water Resistance: N/A

Special Features: Chronograph

Stock Code: TAG174

The stopwatches come with a two year guarantee.


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