1960’s Zodiac Chronograph 1025


Zodiac Watches has a rich history dating back over a century. In 1989 Zodiac Watches was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland, by Ariste Calame. It initially began as a small watchmaking workshop. During World War II, Zodiac supplied the Swiss Army with durable and reliable military watches, solidifying its reputation for precision and durability. Zodiac continued to innovate in the 1960s, launching the Super Sea Wolf, an enhanced version of the original Sea Wolf, with improved water resistance. The brand also introduced the Aerospace GMT, a popular pilot’s watch known for its dual time zone functionality.

The 1960s Zodiac Chronograph 1025 is a stylish vintage timepiece. It features a chrome-plated case and houses a precise mechanical Landeron 92 movement. With its classic design, chronograph function, and chrome finish, this watch is a timeless and elegant accessory for any enthusiast of vintage horology. This watch comes with its original box, watches from this era often had them discarded as keeping them wasn’t a priority.


Interesting Fact “In the 1930s, Zodiac introduced the “Autographic” watch, which featured a unique innovation: a small window on the case back that allowed wearers to engrave personal messages or signatures. This concept added a personal touch to the timepiece and made it a popular gift choice.”

Dial Colour: Aged White

Collection: Chronograph

Style: Male

Case Material: Chrome Plate

Case Diameter (mm): 34.5 mm

Clasp: Pin Buckle

Strap: Brown Leather

Glass: Plexi

Movement: Mechanical Landeron 92

Water Resistance: N/A

Features: Chronograph

Stock Code: ZOD007

The watch comes with a two year guarantee.

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