1970’s Squale Ocean Diver Blandford S.A.


Squale is a largely unknown brand to those not in the know. Its resurgence over recent years with reeditions has brought it back into the limelight. But the vintage watches is where it is really at. In 1959 Von Buren the founder of Squale distinguished his diving watches by adopting the name “Squale” (“squall-uh”) which comes from the word “shark” in Italian, and adding the familiar curved shark logo to the dial.

The Squale we have here is an incredibly rare and well preserved Ocean Diver Blandford S.A. With its deep blue dial and aged lume when it first appeared we did a double take as we thought it was a re-edition ( yes its that good). But when you look close you can see how the watch has aged with the bakelite bezel fading slightly and the watch clearly being used for its purpose. What Squale created was a tool watch but they also created a beautiful timepiece.

Interesting Fact “Blancpain, Doxa, and TAG Heuer all called on Squale for its cases for their dive watches”

Dial Colour: Blue

Collection: Ocean Diver

Style: Male

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Case Diameter (mm): 41.5mm

Clasp: Buckle

Strap: Black Rubber

Glass: Plexi

Movement: Automatic

Water Resistance: N/A due to age

Stock Number: SQU001

The watch comes with a two year  guarantee.

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