1980’s Heuer Yacht Timer 503.913

From motor racing, flying and even power boats Heuer did something to time everything. Well known for timing devises during the 70’s and 80’s these became increasingly popular. Built to be durable for the sea in a lightweight shock proof fiberglass case and withstand the elements. The Heuer Yacht Timer is firmly at the top among collectors.

“Heuer developed special timepieces for many types of competitions, but yacht races (regattas) presented some unique challenges.  First, while timing the race itself is important, the countdown to the start of the race may be even more important.  The competitors have a set time before the start of the race (usually 10 minutes), to plot their course / develop their approach to the start line, and the boat that gets to the start line in the best position will be at a significant advantage in the race itself.” On The Dash


Interesting Fact “Heuer’s introduced its first dashboard timers in the mid 1930s”

Manufacturer: Heuer

Dial Colour: Black

Collection: Yacht Timer

Style: Stopwatch

Case Material: Black Fiberglass

Case Diameter (mm) : 62.5mm

Glass: Plexi

Movement: Mechanical Cal 413

Water Resistance: N/A

Special Features:  Chronograph

Stock Code: TAG143

The watch comes with a two year guarantee.


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