Watch repair and servicing

As qualified watchmakers with over thirty years of experience, we can provide a wide range of watch repair services. We also specialise in the repair and servicing of Omega watches and chronographs.

Listed here are standard services we provide. If there’s something more specific, please contact us.

Our services include:

Watch repair battery replacement

Watch battery replacement

We can replace the battery in your quartz watch and reseal it, making sure it remains waterproof. This process can usually be done within half an hour.

Cost: £40.00

Watch servicing

Watch servicing

A full service involves completely disassembling a watch, checking the movement and replacing any necessary parts, cleaning, oiling, and reassembling. We recommend a full service every 3 to 4 years, to keep your high-quality timepiece in its best condition.

Cost starting from: £180

Chronograph repair

Specialist Chronograph Repair

Our decades of experience mean we’re able to service and repair a watch no matter how complicated the movement. We take pride in our reputation for handling the complex; all our repairs and services include a comprehensive 12-month guarantee.

Cost starting from: £240

Watch case and bracelet refinishing

Case & Bracelet Refurbishment

We’ll clean and polish your watch’s case and bracelet until it looks brand new. We can remove engravings on pre-owned watches, and provide bead-blasting services to apply a matte finish to a case.

Cost starting from: £100

Watch dial restoration

Dial & Hand Restoration

We can fully restore the dials of your watch and refinish the hands, to get it looking as good as – or better than – when it was brand new.

Costs: Contact us for an estimate

Bespoke watch straps

Custom Straps

As well as being an official Hirsch strap dealer, we offer custom-made, professionally designed straps for any watch, in any colour or style. Just ask and we can have it made to order for any brand of watch.

Bespoke straps cost starting from: £90

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